About Algamar and Sea2Life

Photo of two Algamar boats returning from seaweed harvest

We think seaweed is one of the most exciting, versatile, tasty and healthy foods there is - that's why we have dedicated ourselves to selling edible Atlantic seaweed from Spain. Since the well-being of people and nature is equally important to us, almost all of our products are organically certified.

Our Algamar seaweeds are harvested by hand on the Spanish Atlantic coast, in the Galicia region. Here the water of the Atlantic is particularly clean. Apart from sushi, algae are not very well known as food in North America. To make it easier to get started here, we offer many popular products with sea layers, e.g. pasta, crackers or spreads. But the dried raw algae are also very versatile, enrich the diet with important nutrients and are also incredibly tasty!

About Algamar

Algamar was founded in Spain in 1996. The founders were the brothers Clemente and Fermín Fernández Sáa, who have been harvesting wild seaweed on the coast of Spain, in the Galicia region, with their small team ever since. They now sell their products in numerous European countries.

Photo of two Algamar boats returning from seaweed harvest

Photo of two Algamar boats returning from seaweed harvest. 

About Sea2Life

Here, on the Spanish Atlantic coast, the brothers were visited by Sea2Life founder Jean-Marc Emden in the summer of 2021. At the time, the Miami based company was looking for suitable partners for its mission: Source Wild Harvested Organically certified Seaweed products of the best quality to the North American market. Sea2Life had Identified Seaweed as probably the most nutritious Wild Harvested Food that can feed mankind while disrupting the Animal Protein related destruction of the Amazon RainForest and our Oceans. Sea2Life found what it was looking for and beyond in Algamar, it products and Values.

Group photo of the The Algamar team


What do Algamar Products Stand For?

Best organic quality from sustainable harvest. The wild seaweed that Algamar uses for its products is harvested by hand on the cleanest stretch of Spain's Atlantic coast in Galicia according to the Algae Utilization Plan. They are brushed while still in the water and then gently dried at a temperature of below 42 degrees Celsius. This guarantees the highest organic quality and a harvest that is kind to nature.

Versatility. We don't see our algae as exotic food for special occasions, but as a completely normal and versatile part of a healthy, modern diet. Our seaweed can be used in almost any dish. Whether salads, pasta, together with vegetables, with casseroles, pizza or quiche - algae add a little pinch of the sea and lots of healthy nutrients everywhere!

The ideal addition to a healthy diet. Seaweed is a natural source of protein and fiber. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and natural iodine. The indigestible sodium alginate and high-quality dietary fiber in seaweed also help to detoxify our bodies. They therefore offer a high added value for healthy nutrition.

Particularly suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. More and more people today are opting for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. If you pay attention to balance, you can eat nutritious and healthy food without animal products. Of course, the environment also plays a major role: Anyone who eats vegan food conserves resources and thus lives sustainably and environmentally conscious.

Beyond environmental sustainability

At Sea2LIfe, ecological and ethical sustainability is very important to us. Algamar has been committed to the sustainable use of natural resources and the best working conditions since it was founded. These efforts were even awarded the “Premio Biodiversidad” in 2009.

In addition to Algamar's direct commitment, as Sea2LIfe we donate 1% of our sales to Nature conservation projects that we specifically select to protect, preserve and restore our Oceans and RainForests.