The underwater vegetable garden of Southern Europe

Wild, Hand-Cut, Organic, Sustainable, Seaweeds & Nutrition


"Seaweed, Ocean's only Plant Based Protein"

Wild, Hand-Cut, Organic, Sustainable, Plant-Based Superfood.

Why eat seaweed?

Algamar's Wild, Hand-Harvested Organic Seaweed products not only deliver superior nutritional value but also contribute to a sustainable and resilient food system. Seaweed requires no arable land, freshwater, or synthetic inputs to thrive, making it a truly regenerative and environmentally friendly protein source. 

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Seaweed is the oldest living organism on our planet. It’s also one of the few wild harvested vegetables, which today makes them a real gourmet product.

A natural resource that renews yearly at sea, providing a stable and sustainable food source.

• Major natural source of minerals and trace elements.
• Contains high biological value protein.
• Great source of vitamins, especially from groups A and C.
• High content of dietary fibre.
• Stimulates healthy metabolism and circulation.

Nutritionally Backed by science

Optimum food source

Low calorie and fat content. High concentration of minerals, vitamins, proteins (essential amino acids) and indigestible carbohydrates. High level of dietary fibre. High content of nutrients.

“Algae are an optimum world source of food”

- Spanish National Research Council – 1999

plant-based protein

A foodstuff rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins and other specific nutrients, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Noteworthy for its high content in minerals and trace elements. All the elements needed by the human body are found in sufficient quantities in algae.

- Complutense University of Madrid - 2001

High in fiber

A high mineral salts and dietary fiber content. An appreciable protein content and a low overall lipid content. They therefore have the characteristics we look for in a healthy food.

- University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain – 2008

Our Quality Promise

Hand harvesting and hand selection of fresh and dried seaweed guarantees a top quality product and supports the local communities with sustainable employment.

Algamar Seaweed is certified as an ORGANIC FOOD by the European Regulation Control Authority (EC Regulation No. 710/2009).

Algamar Seaweed is Location Certified. Each harvest comes with a zone specific Certificate of Origin. When consuming Seaweeds it makes sense to identify from which waters they come.

Algamar Lab tests Seaweeds every season.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Solar Powered

Solar panels are used to produce the energy used to harvest and process these products.


Biomass is used as a renewable organic material as an energy source.

Hand Harvesting

We use sustainable hand harvesting practices that limit the impact on the environment.


Our products, processes and installations have been awarded the Global Plant Based certificate.

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