Yes, they proudly are! And not only that, they know exactly where they come from ! We Hand Harvest them just af few miles from our facilities. We have been at it for over 27 years!

Each Harvest comes with an official Certificate of Location showing with details each Harvest Zone on our Coastline.

If possible, store your product in a humidity controlled environment away from direct sunlight. Idealy in a cabinet or pantry inside your home.

Yes ! All our products are Certified Plant Based, Vegan, Non-GMO, Certified Organic. Did you know that Seaweed is considered the Plant Based Superfood from the Ocean.

Yes ! Our Seaweeds in Powder, Ground and Dried format are Kosher. Our Rices Cakes are also Kosher.


Depends how far Miami is from you. We are constantly reviewing options to make it go away as much as possible. Orders over $27+ shipping is on us.! Remember that the shelf life of our products is on average 2 years. Shipping Costs are not our business, but Seaweed is!


We strive to take care of your order within 24hrs. Once in the hands of the carriers it will depend mainly on how far Miami is from you. We have not heard of any shipment that took more than 3 to 5 days.

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