Hummus with Wakame Seaweed, Organic

Hummus with Wakame Seaweed, Organic

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Ideal as a sauce to accompany pasta. Perfect for dipping. Irresistible for making toasts and canapés. Try it as a base for pizzas

100% vegetable, gluten-free and with extra virgin olive oil.

Rehydrated chickpea flour*, extra virgin olive oil*, sesame*, Wakame seaweed*, apple cider vinegar*, garlic*, Sea Spaghetti*, salt, cumin*, black pepper*, basil*, thyme*, oregano* and celery*. *From organic productio

ECO / Organic, EU Control Norm CE nº 710/200

ES-ECO-022-GA Agriculture UE

Certified Origin

Quality Promise

Hand harvesting and hand selection of fresh and dried seaweed guarantees a top quality product and supports the local community with sustainable employment.

Algamar seaweed is certified as an ORGANIC FOOD by the European Regulation Control Authority (EC Regulation No. 710/2009).

We're Giving Back

In support of Sea Shepard, a portion of our proceeds go towards helping them protect and save our oceans.